How To Download PSP Movies Games And TV episodes?

Click play on the video below for tutorial.

Tutorial in writing-

items needed
1.working psp with 1.5 firmware
2. a memory stick 
3.usb cable for the psp
4.application called winrar
5. fastloader already installed on the psp

1. you can download psp iso's from the direct download section here at
2. once you have the iso you have to extract it from the original file so right-click on the iso and select open winrar from there
3. when it shows up in winrar select the iso and click extract
4. it will open up a new window and you select where the file goes on your psp (* represents where the psp is located on the computer in other words what driver it is in.
5. in my case it is in (e you click (* and you should see the folders named PSP and/or MP_ROOT and iso (AGAIN READ THE FASTLOADER TUTORIAL BEFORE DOING THIS)
6. click on the folder named ISO and then click extract

if you have done this correctly then you should go to you psp boot up fastloader and when it boots up you should see the iso. press X and congrats you are playing an iso

games known not to be working with 1.5 firmware
grand theft auto: liberty city stories
socom: fire team bravo